A Short Summary : The Columbian Exchange In America

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Redian Terpollari
The Columbian Exchange
The Columbian Exchange is one of the greatest exchanges in foods, animals, plants and diseases between Europe and the Americas. In 1492 Christopher Columbus came to America. He saw things he had never seen before so then he decided to take some of them with him to Europe. He started trading routes to initiated an interchange of plants between Eastern and Western, as a result it doubled the resources of the food crop on both sides.
When the Europeans came to America, they were introduced to new foods such as corn, white and sweet potatoes, beans, tomatoes, cacao, fruits, peppers, peanuts, sugar cane, and tobacco were many of the new foods enjoyed by Europeans. Also they were introduced with animals as well such as wild turkeys, llamas, and alpacas, which were brought back to Europe. Native American Indians traded some luxury items for the Europeans such as furs. The discovery of huge amount of gold, silver, and other treasures prompted the conquistadors to launch expeditions to the Americas, but also the fertile soil, lured many Europeans and made them to leave Europe for America in the search of the opportunities for a better life. When they were moving to America they brought with them horses, oxen, donkeys, and camels which was very valuable for that period of time because

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