A Short Summary : The Story Of Eragon

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Eragon is a fifteen year old farm boy who lives in the town of Carvahall. One day he is hunting in the Spine, a group of dangerous mountains that surround Carvahall. Terrifying things happen in the Spine, so Eragon is one of the few people who are brave enough to enter. Suddenly, a huge blue rock, unlike anything he has ever seen before, appears in front of Eragon. He immediately goes to an expert and tries to sell the rock, but the expert can not say how much it is worth. Eragon takes the rock home and a couple weeks later, Eragon is shocked to see it start to shake and glow. Suddenly, the rock breaks open and reveals a strange creature. He soon realizes that it is a baby girl dragon. Eragon has heard rumours that dragons used to roam the empire, but Eragon doesn’t believe them. Eragon realizes that if anyone sees the dragon, they will take her, so he is careful to hide her well. The next day, Eragon learns how to properly take care of a dragon with help from the town storyteller Brom, who tells Eragon all that he knows about dragons. Eragon then feels extremely confident about taking care of it, but he is still nervous about his dragon being seen or captured by the empire. A few days later, King Galbatorix, the ruler of the empire, hears that Eragon has a dragon and sends two servants called the Ra’zac to take the dragon. Since Eragon’s dragon is the only known dragon in the empire, the King wants to use her to take down neighboring cities and expand the empire.

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