A Social Issue That Is On Domestic Violence

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1. Introduction

This report is about a social issue that is on Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence is a big social issue that happens all around the world. It affects many people in many different ways. The aim of this report is to identify what Domestic Violence is and what it can really do to the community and how we can help.
2. What is Domestic Violence?
Also known as intimate partner violence, it is a form of violence that can occur with any relationship. There can be more than 1 type of Domestic Violence, Social, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Economical.
Physical- Physical abuse is used against someone that injures or dangers a person. It is a crime whether it happens inside or outside of the family. No matter the form of physical abuse that is used even if its minor you can be severely injured as a result. In a relationship a spouse or partner may have injured you a few times but it is likely they will continue to do so.
Emotional- Emotional abuse is usually unrecognised and can be very hurtful to someone. Not all abusive relationships involve violence, just because your not bruised and hurt doesn’t mean you haven’t been abused. Men and women have been hurt from emotional abuse and are no less hurtful than physical abuse. Emotional abuse is when someone makes you feel your not good enough by being yelled at, name calling, blamed for things, made to feel shamed, isolated from friends or family, scared, trapped, and the feeling of being controlled. You may feel…

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