A Social Perspective On Child Development

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Knowing and understanding how children learn, grow and change is significant when one is asked to diagnose certain physical, and cognitive concerns with a child. It allows others to realize and accept the physical, emotional, cognitive, social and educational growth a child goes through from the time they were born throughout their early adulthood. Engagement in the social and physical world pushes their development forward. Child development can be seen as a social constructivism, (development becomes determined by culture), and there can be many different reasons for this. Reasons which are comparable to social constructivism. However, above all the culture and surroundings of the child also influences their spoken word, the things they do, and their education. These differences, however different, will always affect the development of the child.

Higher development has always been affected by the culture a child grows up in. The theory integrates the level of proximal development. In other words it can be described as the range in the development of a child between their ability to perform a duty by themselves and their ability to accomplish something with the help of an adult. Piaget is known for the cognitive developmental theory that sees the knowledge, and cognitive development, as taking place in different stages. If you use his theory, it includes the belief that the child passes through four unique stages of development;
 Sensorimotor stage (0- 2

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