A Speech On The American Citizen Essay

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As I stand at this podium, I am reminded of all my predecessors that have made this position a reality for someone like myself. I owe much gratitude to our country’s founding fathers. They built the constitution this country now sits on. I feel personally obliged to thank the influential figures that have helped to gradually transform “all men are created equally” to actually include men and women of all shapes, sizes and forms. Like President Obama, I am “mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors” (Obama, 1). I promise my presidency will make them nothing less than proud. President X, thank you for your “service to our nation” (Obama,1). And lastly a thank you is needed for my comrades, the American citizen. I accept the challenge that you have so graciously given me. Being the XX citizen to take this Presidential Oath it is impossible not to see how far this country and it’s people have progressed since 1789. Despite our growth, we still have much more to make, our journey is far from over. I promise to not stunt our country’s growth, but give it the tools necessary to grow. We must learn to truly love our country. We have to learn to love all of it’s people, all of it’s land and accept and forgive it’s history. In these next four years I plan to usher in an era of equality. When our future generations read about these four years in their textbooks, I want them to read that we finally figured it out. That we finally saw one another as equals, That finally,

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