A Speech On The Bed Crying

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I go back to my room, where I find Rebekah sitting on the bed crying. I rush over to her, I may be a only child but I know how to comfort people, no one deserves to be alone crying. "Rebekah, I know this is hard on you, you shouldn 't be taken from your family especially since you 're so young." I put my arms around her and pulled her in close. "But it will be okay." "She sits up and looks at me, wiping away her tears. "You remind me of my sister. Whenever I was sad she would just hold me till I felt better. " I smile at her. " I 'll may never be your sister, but I will always be here for you." There was a knock on the door. "Dinner is served. May I come in?" a familiar male voice says from outside the door. I look at Rebekah. " Are…show more content…
"Sorry, I was just getting lost in your hazel eyes." He says not moving. "Get up. " When I say that he suddenly moves and gets thrown back into the wall. Did I do that? I didn 't mean to. I stand up and run over to him. "I 'm so sorry, I really didn 't mean to, I just.. I don 't know what came over me." I help him up. "I guess I kind of deserve that, for knocking you over on purpose and all." he says rubbing his the back of his head. "So you did do it on purpose." I say shocked that I was right. I playful punched him on the shoulder. I had forgot that I had just flung him across the room and he let out a small scream when I punched his shoulder. "I 'm so sorry, I forgot. I say innocently. "Sure you did." he says. "It really was an accident." "I am never going to try to hit on a pretty girl again."he says, winking at me. My face grows pink with embarrassment. Did he really think I was pretty and why did he always wink? Avalon stop he 's probably a player, I think to myself. I look away from him. "We should probably go to dinner now." I say, heading out the door. "Yeah." he says following me out the door. After a little while the silence creeps in. He tries to make small talk. "When did you find out you had powers?" he asks. " I always knew. My mom had powers and when she brought me home from the hospital I levitated my Teddy bear across the room. What about you when did you find out?" "There was these two twin boys, and well one of them died.." I could
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