Hachiro Dialectical Journal

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A/N: sorry for taking so long on this chapter, I have had so many issues pop up, anything to do with wifi problems to trying to figure out character personalities. There may have been a few times that I was too lazy and didn't want to do anything but relax, but that's besides the point. All that matters is that I finished the chapter, so enjoy :) ————————————————————————————— "Hachiro.......Hachiro......Hachiro! can you hear me hachiro? I will always be with you hachiro." I wake up with a cold sweat. Wh....what just happened? That voice sounded so familiar, and that was the first time I have had a dream like that. Looking around, I see an empty bed roll. "It seems as though she didn't want to stay. I don't blame her, we only just met." I try …show more content…

"It's OK, really it is. I have sustained worse injuries before." I say smiling at her. She looks at me and a smile slowly appears on her face. After she applies the mix into my wound I stand up leaning against a tree for support,"let's head to the exit of this forest, that is if you want to come along." After debating for a bit she stands up, "well, I don't have anywhere else to go so I might as well tag along." As we walk, well it's more of a slow pace walking due to my injury.....Really slow. Anyways as well walk through the forest, the sun dimly shines through the trees making everything seem peaceful. The only problem is the awkward silence, every once in a while I glance over at NiKe. She just walks beside me with a smile on he face, it's as though she isn't bothered by the silence. "It must be hard to have nowhere to go at the end of the day," I look at her with regret on my face realizing that what I had just said was probably insulting. She just smiles, "its really not bad once you get used to it." I sigh with relief, "I think this is good enough for now. Would you like something to eat?" I ask as I sit down against a stump....How …show more content…

"Uh huh sure. Here you go" I toss her an apple. "Sorry but it's all I have." She immediately starts eating the Apple. "You must be really hungry," I say looking at NiKe, her cheeks stuffed with chunks of the apple. "No I'm not" she replies with her mouth full. I decided not to argue. "Well, I wonder where this journey will take me." ————————— A/N: sorry if it's a bit short, I promise that it won't take too long for the other chapters to come out. Please message me or comment on changes that can be made I would really appreciate it

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