A Speech On The City Pioneers Travel Baseball Team

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One lesson in a Thousand It all started last year when I was on the plain city pioneers travel baseball team. We went to a baseball tournament and it is called Game Day USA and they gave out an MVP award to a player and the end of each game that performed the best, they gave the award to a player on each team. Later that night I found out that the piece of plastic I received was my ticket to a Game day USA tournament in a bunch of different states. But I could only choose one. Also it didn 't start for at least three months. Did I forget to mention that I chose Wisconsin because My dad 's family is up there. I was packed and ready to go, careful not to forget anything. My mom had to work today so she would be flying. About seven hours later we arrived! We were in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And we were at my aunt 's house. I walked inside and My Aunt and Uncle were not there because they were at dinner. Another thing I noticed is that there is always this weird smell I notice everytime I come in. I needed a good night sleep so I went right to bed. It was the day of the first game and I was ready. When I got there the park was called the rock. It was amazing I thought with all the crisp fields and nice facilities, I could play a few ball games I said to myself. The fields were so nice they be a major league field. There was this big hill and I could already see the big line as if all the people made up the longest snake in the world. “This is going to take forever.” I

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