A Story Of A Short Story

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My husband ran into our small house in Sonora with this look of excitement that made me wonder what has given my husband such a big smile on his face. I ask him, “Joaquin what is it what is going on?” He told me in that giddy boyish voice that I loved so much, “There is GOLD up in Alta California.” I gave him a confused look thinking “What did that have to with us.” As my confused look stayed and the seconds passed he grabbed my hands and said, “This is our chance to leave Sonora and for me to finally be able to give you a bigger home if I am able to get my hands on some gold.” Still fathomed by the idea I tell him “but our family is here in Sonora.” He laughs and goes on to say that but our dreams can be in California and if anything our family will always be here. I sighed and he jumped knowing full well that I was going to cave and tell him yes. I could never resist when he was like this. My crazy husband had a dream and as his wife it was my job to support him. We packed up some food and water along with some clothes in our little suitcase. I wish I could say we set off with dreams filling our heads and hopes on the horizon, but we had some road blocks before we were able to leave. Eventually we left heading to find my brother-in-law in San Francisco. It being my first time in San Francisco but my husbands second so he began to be amazed in how it had changed from his first visit to San Francisco. He was excited to see what these Americans have transformed the society.

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