A Story Of Miss Emily : A Short Story

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One sunny afternoon,Miss Emily meet this handsome guy while stopping for gas on a gas station,Homer Barron.He is a large man with a dark complexion, a booming voice, and light-colored eyes. A gruff and demanding boss,that was Miss Emily’s type.Days to weeks Miss Emily was stalking him hour to hour,all day long she knew what he was doing and where exactly he was.Homer on the other hand was completely lost,though he did know that a beautiful lady was literally stalking him.Weeks later Homer and Miss Emily coincidentally meet each other in a grocery store,both there for a sale,on a shopping center that was about to close.Miss Emily, waiting in line for her purchase,finally had the nerve to say “Hey Homer,how are you doing.”Homer at the moment was speechless,didn’t know how she knew his name. Uh-Uh… “How do you know my name said Homer? Oh!Sorry about that,i heard you talking to one of your friends at the gas station few weeks earlier,your friend said “Hey Homer what’s up,and then after that i went inside the gas station to get a pre-pay for my gas. ”Oh okay,said Homer”.After the weird and awkward moment,Miss Emily and Homer went their own ways.At the night time that day,Miss Emily went for a walk down her street,and again bumped into Homer, “ I didn’t know you lived here”,said Miss Emily.Homer replied “I was visiting one of my friends from high school”,oh okay said Miss Emily. Homer then asked,what is your name? My name is Miss Emily,Oh nice to meet you Miss Emily,said Homer,

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