A Strategic Response to Draft Options

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A Strategic Response to Draft Options Introduction Departments of law and other institutions have been at front line in the quest for justice. The justice is sort by a follow up of court proceedings with the involvement of the public, the defendants, prosecutors, plaintiffs and the jury. The jury decision is usually final, but the decision making is the most difficult task. The jury has to listen keenly to both sides, take in the evidences provided so as to settle on the blamelessness or culpability of the prosecuted. Such tasks are response-oriented and, therefore, it is vital to get a vivid case resulting to the difficulty in making compromising decisions. In this context, response from judges in a court jury, in Ohio, has led to resultant controversial options to both the public and the defendant at the case trial, thus, analyzing it will bring into focus the use of strategically placed responses to outline the juristic options. Case The Ohio Vs Roberts case of June 25, 1980 was one filled with controversy due to the opinions presented by the head of the jury during the case termination. This case involved Roberts, the defendant, who was accused of having a record of breaking the law. He was convicted for possession of drugs (heroin), being in possession of stolen items and forgery (Maltzman et al, 2000, pg 57). Others included the case were Ms. Isaacs, a witness and the Ohio State as the plaintiff. This case stirs up reactions incorporated from the state's strategic

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