A Streetcar Named Desire Analysis Essay

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The 1951 film, A Streetcar Named Desire, is an adaption of a play of the same name, written by playwright Tennessee Williams. It revolves around Blanche, a Southern woman who comes from a very wealthy family. After some troubles that she describes as “nervous exhaustion”, she arrives to her sister’s (Stella’s) apartment in New Orleans to move in with her. Blanche is surprised to learn that Stella has decided to abandon her wealthy lifestyle to marry a working-class man by the name of Stanley. Stanley is an World War II veteran, and can be considered a brute in the film. Immediately upon meeting Blanche, Stanley is not fond of her and thinks that she has swindled he and Stella out of family fortune after he finds fancy clothes and jewelry in her trunk. Blanche quickly tosses papers at Stanley to show that she had not taken fortune out of anyone, and Stanley reveals that his true intentions is that he wants to consider his “wife’s affairs” since Stella is pregnant. Blanche is shocked by the news. Later, Stanley’s hosts a poker night, and Blanche meets Mitch and is immediately attracted to him due to his sensitivity. Stanley becomes so drunk and belligerent that he strikes Stella; however, is quick to forgive, despite Blanche’s pleas for her to leave Stanley. After Stanley finds out the true reason why Blanche left her old town (she was having sexual relations with a minor), a fight emerges between Stella, Stanley, and Blanche, but is cut short when Stella goes into labor.
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