A Study Of Female Writers Of Romantic Period

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A Study of female writers of romantic period
Various types of literature are found from the advent of English literature. Before the romantic period, there were various other periods like old English literature, middle English literature, English renaissance, neo-classical period etc. From the beginning we notice that there is an imbalance between the male and female authors. Male writers are found more than the female writers. This imbalance is also found in the romantic literature. Also it is seen that, though the majority writers are men, the women are more interested in reading those piece of literature, compared to male. The romantic period was an intellectual movement originated in Europe during the late 17th century. William Wordsworth is considered to be as the father of romantic period in one hand, on the other hand William blake is called the father of romantic period. The romantic period was basically a response to industrial revolution. In this period, the writers wrote about nature, personal experiences, showed the negative side of city life and put more importance on imagination. Metaphors, symbols are quite common in this period of writing. In this research, I will try to find out the reasons behind the less number of female writers in the romantic period, was it because their lack of skills, was it because the male writers were dominating or they did write but it was not published or there are
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