A Study On Gay Behaviors

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The Netherlands was the first to grant same – sex unions with almost the exact same rights as heterosexual marriages, with its Registered Partnerships Act of 1989, and countries would start to take notice. Men and Women of the LGBT Community should not be denied to marry and should have the same privileges of a heterosexual marriage everywhere. Same- sex relationships are not new to society; there are records of these unions going back 1000’s of years. Similar bigoted thinking was recently overcome in the last century, when interracial unions have gone from being against the law to being tolerated but not totally accepted even today. The Supreme Court has recently taken away Acts and Laws that stripped certain people of their constitutional rights. Research is beginning to shed some light on gay behaviors as not being founded on desire of choice but being more related to biological, social view standards, and brain thinking. How would you feel if someone denied you and your loved one standard rights?
Are we not living in a “new age” society where theirs progress in everything from vehicles being able to drive them self’s and watches that tell us when we’ve been sitting on the couch for too long but yet where in the dark ages in the situation of the norm of sexual tendencies. However, not all past times were closed minded in the same- sex tendencies. Evidence exists that same-sex unions were tolerated in parts of Ancient Egypt, Roman Empire, and Greece. In Egypt there’s a

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