A Study On High School

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High school was different because I had to adjust to high school, work, and learn to manage money to pay rent and utilities, after my sister and I had left my oldest sister’s house a. I worked at a Mexican restaurant taking orders where White people also worked there, and manage to graduated high school with a full scholarship to cosmetology school, and I worked as a cosmetologist for nine years with my socioeconomic status being low-income, and my social identities of a Mexican female, single parent with two children. I cannot remember how many churches there were, or clubs if any, but I remember going to one the largest Catholic Church in city on holy holidays with my oldest sister and her family, and where White people attended too. After I was out on own, my sister and I would go to church to practice our faith on Sundays and holy days of obligations, and I would also took my children and introduce them to follow my Catholic faith. These experiences taught me about people who are different from me, is that they go to school for the same purpose of learning, have the same jobs, and practice the same faith. In my middle adulthood after I married my husband, I moved to Oceanside, California, and after ten years moved to Temecula, California where I presently reside. These communities had better and more jobs, learning facilities, opportunities, and health care. The people within my social sphere where mixture of socioeconomic status, and ethnicities, cultural, and
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