A Study On Physical Activity And Diet

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In the research article written by Kristin M. Hustyi and her colleagues explains how there is a growing number of obese toddlers and the current studies are only focusing on physical activity and diet. This study was implemented to determine if there was a difference between how physical activity was previously gauged or if pedometers were a better alternative. The theory behind this study was to increase physical activity through moving up the intensity of the exercise the children were doing, but first had to find out what type of exercise was being done beforehand. It was originally known that obesity was increasing in children but the researchers wanted to know if the level of exercise being done was the cause of this problem. Coming …show more content…

They then separated the types of physical activity the documented into three different categories. These categories ranged from being either sedentary, light, and moderate to vigorous. For the sessions two observers independently recorded all types of physical activity. The mean average score for the boy was about 82% meaning that his range of physical activity was leaning in to the moderate to vigorous. THz range for the girl was around 68% meaning that she undertook light activity. This measurement was the product of the OSRAC scale which defines how much physical activity was needed to be considered physically fit. The researchers realized that if this was the standard and the two of the children in this intervention has somewhat passable healthy exercise habits then their being in the range of obese is unacceptable. The only explanation fathomable is that the scale that is being used is not worth using in this day and age. To ensure throughout the intervention that the children would increase their physical activity step goals were introduced but in a manner in which the children would find pleasing such as rewards and encouragement. Although each of the participants wore a pedometer they did not have specific performance goals and the pedometer screens were covered and so were the data retrieval. This was to ensure that the participants continued their regular routines. The results were taken

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