A Study On The Field Experience

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This case study will go over the observations the author noted during their field experience. Also, in this case study the author will go over other principal factors about the subject and their special education circumstances. Demographics: The general overall appearance of L (subjects first initial), looks like any other first grader. They do not need glasses, hearing aids, wheelchair, braces, or other any other type of adaptive accommodations. The student is known to be Hispanic, because the author asked the student’s teacher for the student’s ethnic demographics. On most days, the child came to class unless they had a doctor’s visit. The child seemed to never be absent otherwise. The student seemed to appear clean. This student was…show more content…
L is sensitive to or can get upset when he does not get his way. When this happens the teacher and aid will usually just let him be and he is eventually able to self-regulate. The teacher and aids only had to remind L a few times to help keep him on task and then he would do so. The teacher and aid would never have to talk down or set aside time to manage L, he was one of the students the teachers and aids did not have to worry about. Other higher level students would have responsibilities to help low level students but L was in the middle and did not acquire help nor was he assigned to help others, if he was able to do what was asked of him and stay on task. Lesson plan: L had a few accommodations set aside just for him and his disability. L’s main accommodations focused more on his LD rather than his speech impairment. Visual schedules were apart of L’s accommodations. L struggled with letter and sound recognition so written schedules were useless. He had to do three tasks in the morning that related around his letter to word recognition. After he would finish those three tasks L would be able to choose a picture of activities he could do on the large white board and have a schedule break. Those fun activities were either him playing with manipulatives, playing on a iPad, or playing educational games on the computer. A schedule break was

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