A Study On Turner Syndrome

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Turner syndrome, also known as Monosomy X, is caused by the deletion of the second X chromosome in females. This can be a partial deletion or a complete deletion. It is caused by a random error called nondisjunction, which is “the failure of sister chromatids to separate during or after meiosis” (Biology Online, 2008). This can lead to an abnormal amount of chromosomes. In this case, it leads to an abnormality in the sex chromosomes leaving the woman with one functioning X chromosome. While the specific genes that cause Turner syndrome are unknown, researchers “have identified one gene called SHOX that is important for bone development and growth” (National Library of Medicine, 2013). It is believed that a missing SHOX gene is the reason behind the female’s short stature and skeletal abnormalities. Due to the random nature of this syndrome, it is usually not inherited or passed down. The loss or mutation of the X chromosome is spontaneous; therefore there is no real pattern of inheritance. Also, it is very unlikely for a woman with Turner syndrome to pass it down to her daughter. Women with Turner syndrome have one functioning X chromosome. If the woman does become pregnant, she will only be able to pass down the functioning X to her child, meaning the daughter will not have Turner syndrome unless she goes through the same random mutation. According to the Turner Syndrome Society (2016), woman with Turner syndrome can experience signs and symptoms such as short stature, a
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