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Review of Literature

The literature on college binge drinking and student’s academic performance are for the most part; focused on an essential constituent or characteristic that has been revealed. During the past ten months, research has become an essential basis in regards to college binge drinking and the effects said behavior is having on those college students who choose to over-indulge. Given the situation over the literature pertaining to college binge drinking and poor academic grades, it is important to ask if such research is assisting college students in proper alternatives when choosing to consume alcohol (College Drinking, 2005). In order for success; college students must put in the effort; and participate in surveys,
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According to Harvard’s College Alcohol Study (CAS), those who choose to drink more than once week are those who choose to binge drink; almost half of the students (Wechsler, Nelson, & Weitzman, 2000).
Evidence – Data Analysis We regret to inform the panel the evidence obtained in regards to binge drinking is inconclusive at this time. One study established 13.9% of first-year students who only admitted to a “drinking binge” episode only once in a period of two-weeks. According to the study; 14.8% of seniors also admitted to a “drinking binge” in the same two-weeks (Presley, Meilman, Cashin, & Lyerla, 1996). Therefore, no part or portion is distinct or distinguishable of either student(s) mentioned because seniors and first-year students than reported; were having between six and nine binge drinking episodes in a period of two-weeks (Presley, et al.). However, Engs, Hanson, and Diebold (1996) established binge drinking among seniors were fewer than among first-year students. In classical logic binge drinking studies occurred during college conclusively, so we can determine the research is reliable regards to negative results of said behavior. Academic grades, personal issues, overdosing, impaired driving, and sexual behaviors have proven to be a few of the negative effects of student binge drinking (Perkins, 2002). These consequences are

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