A Study on the Author, Chinua Achebe

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Chinua Achebe was born unto a Nigerian parents in Nigeria on November 16, 1930. He was from a family that born six kids; he being the fifth among them. Chinua Achebe’s parents were
Isaiah Okafor Achebe and Janet Achebe. He begin an English at eight in Ogidi, Nigeria.
Encouraged by his father, he was excited to learned English quickly. His father Isaiah Achebe was one of the first that converted from their religion to Christianity and he also founded the first church in Ogidi. Achebe enthusiasm for knowing about the west and east part of the world led to him mentioning it in most of his novels. Some of these novels include things fall apart, no longer at ease and arrow of god respectively. When Achebe was young, he surpassed at the government’s college in umuahia and the same time at Ibadan University where he begin to study medicine. He didn’t continue because during his exploration, he became interested in
Nigeria history and religious studies. He was not dilatory in changing his major from medicine to a major in the field of liberal arts. While navigating his major, “he discovered the discrepancies between his knowledge of Nigeria and the perceptions of Africa depicted in popular British colonial novels such as joseph Conrad’s heart of darkness and Soyee Cary’s mister Johnson
(Clark, Emily, 1).”At his age, Achebe was a creative writer, he contributed articles, sketches and short fiction to the
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