A Summary Of A Verbal Domestic At Sherwood Office

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On Sunday 11/05/17 at 1439 hours I was dispatched to a verbal domestic at Sherwood Gardens Apartments #H-20, located at 2901 Auburn Way S in the City of Auburn, King Co, WA. Dispatch advised the reporting person, Alec Lazo, stated he stayed the night at a female's residence, who was later identified as Gabriella Aguilar-Hobson, and items went missing. Dispatch stated while on the phone with Alec, he stated Gabrielle was biting, and attacking him, and Gabirelle's nose was bleeding. While enroute to the location Dispath advised neighbors at the apartment reported hearing a male and female yelling and the female saying something about the male "beating her up", but they did not have a visual of anything. Officer F. Cordova arrived and …show more content…

I asked Aruellia where Gabriella and Alec were when he punched her, and she stated in Gabrielle's room. I observed there was no way to see into the room from the couch, as the couch was about 15 feet to the south of Gabriella's bedroom, and the bedroom door faced eastbound. I asked Aruellia how she saw Gabriella and Alec if they were in the room, and she said she stood up and walked to the bedroom door. Aruellia said she was standing just outside Gabrielle's bedroom when she observed Alec punch Gabriella. I asked Issac if she saw anything. Issac said at one point he saw Gabriella dragging Alec out of her bedroom toward the front door. I asked Issac what he meant by "dragging", and he explained Gabrielle was holding Alec by his shirt and pulling him toward the door. I asked Alec if she saw Alec hit Gabrielle at any point, and he said no. I asked Aruellia and Issac what Gabriella and Alec's relationship was. Aruellia told me the two of them had only know each other for a couple weeks, were not dating, and were just friends. Aruellia added Gabriella and Alec were "friends with benefits". I asked Aruellia and Issac if either one of them took the controller, and they told me they did not. Officer Martinez told me he spoke to Gabriella and the following is a summary of what she told him. Gabriella stated she and Alec have know each other for a couple weeks, they do not live together, they are

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