Bluffing Summary

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Bluffing - A Summary Gail Helgason

The story focuses on the relationship between Gabriella and Liam. They live together as a couple. Gabriella is a Biology teacher whereas Liam is a Mountain climber.
The story starts with Gabriella rushing towards Jasper hospital on a cold winter day. At the hospital, she is asked to sit down and wait for a while. While sitting on a couch she thinks of the incident that happened three weeks ago.
Gabriella had proposed a hike to Liam that day, as she wanted to discuss with him about renewing the lease of their apartment since the term of lease was coming to an end. She wanted a private place to discuss about it and she was hopeful that Liam would fully go …show more content…

Liam was following her.
She had walked quite a long distance from the lake towards the huckleberry shrubs when she suddenly found herself facing a grizzly bear just twenty paces ahead of her. She wanted to run away that instant but her instincts stopped her and she slowly tried moving one step backward. When she did that the bear came one or two steps forward. She stopped and the bear stopped too. She saw Liam behind the

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