A Summary Of Jesus And The Lamentation Of Christ

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Today I will be comparing these two late Medieval Italian paintings which have a story that arranged throughout the chapel, both paintings show Mary saying goodbye to her late son, Jesus. Looking at the painting Lamentation of Christ (Duccio) you can notice that the background is a golden tone with a mountain displayed in The Mourning of Christ (Giotto) you can notice the background is a bright blue not a golden tone, you can notice a difference in the sky that makes you wonder whether it was day or night. The most basic difference probably lies in the area ten angels flying around in the sky in the Mourning of Christ (Giotto) painting which the Lamentation of Christ (Duccio) painting fails to show any angels failing to give a fantasy theme to the painting. As you glance at both the Mourning of Christ (Giotto) and the Lamentation of Christ (Duccio) painting you can also notice that in the Mourning of Christ (Giotto) painting Jesus and his Seven disciples all have halos around their head which is merely a round flat plated halo behind their heads. The focus in the Lamentation of Christ (Duccio) are on both Jesus and his Disciples, those who are closest to him while in the Giotto painting the focus is on the left side of the canvas and being focused on the center of the canvas showing not only the disciples and the audience of Jesus’s death. In the Giotto painting they depict the importance of disciples and those closer Jesus with halos. In

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