A Summary Of Ted Chiang's 'Understand'?

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As scientific and medical advances weave their way into modern society, science fiction sketches ways to interconnect the present with the future and to prepare for revolutionary breakthroughs. In the science fiction novella, “Understand,” Ted Chiang creates a world with a scientifically devised medical innovation that can possibly be used to shape and prepare the future of humanity. In this short story, Chiang employs rhetoric to push readers to question their attitude on superhuman intelligence. He uses mimesis in a manner that provides the audience with insight into philosophical issues with extraordinary hyper-intelligence and concludes that the benefits are worth taking on despite the risks. The story follows Leon Greco, a freshly-minted mastermind, as he journeys from a vegetative state to a medical advancement after being treated with an experimental drug. In this context, Chiang uses mimesis to mimic Greco’s growth in knowledge in the dialogue, structure, and diction of the story. As Greco develops a fondness for greater intelligence, Chiang guides his readers to question their philosophy and to understand that intellectual advancement can beneficial to humanity.
To begin with, Chiang uses mimesis to reflect Greco’s development in the dialogue of the story and to provide readers with an understanding of human nature. Through Greco’s thoughts and conversations, his greed for knowledge becomes apparent. The story begins with Greco awakening from a nightmare of his
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