A Summary Of The Witch Hysteria

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In 1692 there was a thing going around, it was called “Witch Hysteria”. It started off with a girl named Abby. Abby cousin has been a sick child since birth, Abby lived with her uncle and aunt and her cousin, and with two slaves. This “Witch Hysteria” started when one of the slaves (the girl slave) started showing a group of girls (Abby’s other cousins) some magical stuff. Until something went wrong, well that's what they think. So one day the group of girls and the slave were doing what they do every day when the priest left to go to work. The little girl was there with the group, when they started to do magical stuff, the little girl freaked out. Then when Abby went to go see what was wrong with her, Abby started to do the same thing. The salve freaked out and went to calm them down. As the slave walked away to calm the girls, the other girls (the cousin's ) started to look more at the cup and they started to freak out. The priest came back and saw the group of girls freaking out and ask them what was going on. After that, only the little girl stops freaking out. Abby was still freaking out. The aunt and uncle called the doctor. The doctor couldn't seem to find out what was wrong with Abby, the little girl on the other hand didn't eat for two days, didn't talk and couldn't walk. The doctor told the uncle (priest) that the girls might be cursed by a witch. All of the priests came to the girl's house to bless them. Abby was telling the priests and her uncle that there were
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