A Summary of The Scarlet Letter

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Hester Prynne was born in England. She met her husband, Roger Chillingworth in Amsterdam, Netherland and got married with him, although she didn’t love him. Chillingworth sent her to Boston to wait for his arrival, but she ended up by having a child with Authur Dimmesdale, who was a minister of the town. So she was sent to the prison as she had committed adultery. One day, she was emerged from the prison with the letter “A” on her breast, which is a sign of punishment for her adultery commitment. She and her three-month old daughter, Pearl were led to the scaffold of pillory. At there, she was asked to tell who Pearl’s father is, but she refused to tell. Although Dimmesdale, Pearl’s real father tried to convince her to tell everyone the truth, she still refused. On the scaffold, she noticed her real husband, Roger Chillingworth. She was shocked. When Hester returned to the prison, Chillingworth pretended to be a physician so that he was able to enter the prison. He told her that he forgave her and asked her who Pearl’s father is, but she refused to tell him. So he told her that he will find out who the man is, but she had to keep the secret that he was her husband. Later, Hester was released from the prison. She lived in the cottage in the woods out of the city with her daughter, Pearl. She made a living by her needlework but she never being treated well from the society because of her reputation and the letter “A” on her breast. Pearl grew up wild, and wrathful child. She

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