Book Report of The Scarlet Letter

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In June 1642, the townspeople of the Massachusetts Bay Colony gathered together in front of the scaffold to see the the punishment that would be levied on the young women, Hester Prynne. Hester Prynne was guilty of adultery and forced to stand upon the scaffold for three hours. While Hester was standinding on the scaffold, she was subject to name calling and constant questioning, by the other women of the town. As Hester was being shamed, she noticed and man in the crowd, it was her husband, who was presumed to be dead. Her husband, angered deeply by this, vowed to find the man responsible for this, and selected the new name Roger Chillingworth. The reverend, John Wilson, and the Minister, Arthur Dimmesdale questioned Hester, but she refused to reveal the the father. Hester then returned to her cell and Roger Chillingworth was brought into the cell to attempt to calm her and Pearl down. Chillingworth then proceeded to send the jailer on his way, and demanded that Hester tell him who the father was. She refused. Since Hester knew that Chillingworth was her long lost husband, Chillingworth insisted that Hester never reveal that they were married. Chillingworth said that if Hester does, he would ruin the real fathers life. Hester agreed reluctantly fearing that she may come to regret her decision. Hester took residence in a cabin at the edge of town and lived with her young daughter Pearl. Hester became perplexed by the young childs actions, as she watched her
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