A Survey Of Comparative Politics

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Leonard Montery
PS 220 Survey of Comparative Politics
Exam 2

DIRECTIONS: This is a closed book, closed note exam. You should consult nothing apart from your own brain while completing this exam. You have 2 consecutive hours to complete the exam from the time you open the document. (You may not start the exam and return to it later; it must be completed in one sitting.) Please type your answers in the spaces below. When you are finished, please submit an electronic copy via the Moodle course website, and bring a printed copy to class.

Part 1: Key Terms (15 points each; 60 points total)

Define and explain the significance of each the following key terms. For each term, you should be able to:

(a) correctly and fully define the term;
(b) contextualize it in relation to important issues, debates and/or other key terms;
(c) where applicable, provide examples to illustrate the concept.

Shock therapy
(a) Shock therapy, at its core, was privatization. Yeltsin instituted this plan of action as a way to revitalize and change the Russian economy. Shock therapy was not a simple course of action. It drew comparisons to “cutting off a cat’s tail” or “removing a bandage” both of which is far better off being done quickly. It was supposed to invigorate the people and warm them up to democratization while also creating a free market opposed to the planned economy. Many state owned industries were also sold for cheap in order help foster the idea of “shocking” the economy back to life.…
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