A Survey On Technology Industry Association

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Certifications don’t just look impressive to hang on your office wall. They can make the difference that lands to the next job. A survey of technology processionals showed that it pays to be both cleared and certified. Average salaries for certified clear professionals between ten and twenty percent higher. So why IT security knowledge is important? It is well known that threats to our data, be it commercial or personas have been on a rise recently. The best defense against such threats is to be well informed about how to counter it and by taking measures to avoid them. Thus having a well trained workforce on IT security has become more of a necessity than a choice. IT candidates have lots of programs and certifications that would help …show more content…

Subsequently three industry recognized good reasons to maintain CompTIA certifications. First job security, not only the Department of Defense but many other organizations of implemented continuing education requirements in. In fact, more hiring managers help with these certifications like college degrees are required. Second, without continue training and certification could experience a twenty percent knowledge loss over four years. The organization depends on to keep their IT systems running and secure.
Research shows and common sense dictates that IT personnel can lose confidence and appeals an IT professional if they don’t maintain certification. CompTIA takes the hassle out of it and offer convenient options to maintain certification. They can obtain a qualifying higher-level county exam or complete the total approved amount of continuing education activities to earn CEUs or retake the most recent version of the exam.

CISSP definitely benefits information security in general. It provides people understanding of which individuals have taken the time to understand about security to learn the common language and understand the common body of knowledge and apply that ion the day to day work. It also provide a work ethic that the company can count on when bringing these people on board. Initial goal of CISSP is to provide a professional certification for information security professionals. They need something that can provide a level

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