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Willbros Group, Inc. is a global contractor specializing in energy infrastructure serving the oil, gas and power industries. Their offerings include engineering, procurement and construction, refinery turnarounds, pipeline construction, and pipeline to the US government and companies worldwide. Currently, Willbros employs over 3,000 employees of which 1,000 work in manufacturing locations across the states and the world. The manufacturing managers recently stressed the inconvenience of having employees going to Human Resources to update or seek benefit information which they can easily obtain online during breaks, lunch or off hours, but because of inadequate system knowledge, employees expressed the conform of going directly
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Immediate results are necessary in order to keep production from further delays in order to comply with the company’s mission which is to achieve stable and predictable results. Doctor McFarland from Stanford University suggested having employee practice the work steps and provide immediate feedback, and/or suggest additional training opportunities offered within the organization to solve any dilemmas (McFarland 2012). We would like to put our focus on the 40% of employees who currently decline to use The Center of Excellence website and provide the training needed to decrease interruptions. Managers would like to focus on this ground and provide imitate training to enforce the use of COE (Center of Excellence). At this level management will conduct a survey and get a name count of those not utilizing COE. If the majority of the 40% are manufacturing, a mandatory training course will be enforced. Human Resources will then gather training material and train production managers in means to train their employees.
Task Analysis
Jonassen, D.H., Hannum said in his study that in completing a needs assessment the task analysis is a vital tool for mutually informing the diagnosis of needs as well as the detection of potential remedies for improving performance (Hannum, 2012). In order to acquire results from our Task Analysis we implemented a questionnaire (See Appendix A) for the employees who currently opt out of using COE and observe hands on
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