A Sustainable Agriculture Persuasive Speech

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Tony Villa
H English 9
25 April 2017
Sustainable agriculture Persuasive Speech According to The Networker “nature sinks are filling up rapidly”. “The “hypoxic zone” in the Gulf of Mexico increased to 8,200 square miles in 2002, largely due to excess nutrients from agricultural activities”. Somewhere in London there is a store named FARM:shop trying to lessen the excess nutrients harming our world and one of the founders argue that "If you 're growing food directly where it 's eaten, there 's less refrigeration …[meaning there’s] less energy use through transport and distribution," the founder claims that FARM:shop “can help reduce the enormous carbon emissions linked to food production” that are filling the nature sinks rapidly. So …show more content…

The environmental science organisation say that “Economic development is a core area that can contribute to the social science of sustainable development, getting what we consume under control. It is also about giving people what they want without promising quality life especially in the developing world”. With that we fall into Social Development, which is “maintaining access to basic resources without promising the quality life”. For example the Bluefin Tuna used for sushi is not a sustainable resource, that is why they are farmed fish. In a sustainable sushi place they have no menus because they use the available resources they have access to. Having to farm the Bluefin Tuna is because we are overfishing this species, and if this species is starting to die out it will cause a ripple effect, not only to the marine life but to the life on land as well. The last pillar which is Economic protection, is self-explanatory. With Economic protection comes better water quality and better sanitation and economic growth with promoting jobs. The world is a large plank of wood and its on fire. The only thing left to conserve that plank is water, and sustainability is our water.
There are many ways that living non-sustainable lives can affect us negatively. For example the foods we buy and eat are the main problem.According to the

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