Opposition To Jesus In The Book Of John

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For the purpose of this thematic paper about opposition towards Jesus I chose the Gospel According to John. Even though the Book of John has so much love there are still many instances in which Jesus faced opposition. Within the book there is opposition from the Jews, Pharisees, Priestly Council (Sanhedrin), and the Disciples. We see the first opposition with the Jews in the temple and at the end of the Book of John we will still find the Jews opposing Jesus (2:12) . In this incident we read about the money changers in the temple and how Jesus becomes upset. This is where the opposition towards Jesus by the Jews begins. When the Jews ask him, “What sign can you give us to justify what you are doing?” From this place we find the Jews will …show more content…

Because they could not see Jesus with their spiritual eyes. Truthfully, they were looking for the Messiah in another form.
For this reason we find throughout the book the Jews wanted Jesus persecuted (8:31) . Wording in the beginning of Chapter 8 clarifies that not all Jews had a problem with Jesus. There was a certain sect of Jews who recognized Jesus as the Messiah. Continuing, we find the Jews questioning Jesus about who he is? Is he demon possessed (8:48)? And, because they are unable to understand the answers he gives they set out to stone Jesus. When he says, “I am” (applying God’s name to himself) (8:59) . Then when he says, “The Father and I are one”. Repeating these saying and truths the Jews considered what Jesus was doing “blasphemy” because in their eyes Caesar was the only King. So, both times when they try to stone him he slips away from them (10:31-39; 11:8) . Even though they did not have the final authority to do anything once captured they take Jesus to Pontius Pilate the local Roman governor (18:28) . Finally, the Jews pressed for Jesus crucifixion (19:6) . The Jews press Pilate by saying they have a law that anyone who says they are a King oppresses Caesar (19:12-16) . It is obvious that the behaviors by the Jewish religious people, secular leaders, and their followers’ preoccupation was in seeing Jesus dead.
Next we find opposition to Jesus by the Pharisees (3:1) . The first Pharisee Jesus encounters is Nicodemus. Nicodemus was also a Jew who

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