A Thunderous Boom Of Cheering Erupts As A Warrior Steps

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A thunderous boom of cheering erupts as a warrior steps in a stadium of thousands. The opponent is across the field and would give goliah a run for his money. Nobody can foresee who will come out the conqueror, which is the reason thousands came to watch the spectacle. It is a battle of strength, endurance, and wit. Armour of old enclose their bodies, gray steel helmets cover their faces, hiding their emotions. The opponent closes the gap between them, swords gleaming in the blinding heat. As the weapons grace each other with their presence the crowd explodes into yet another fury of cheers. A gladiator match was one of the many events Romans would come in hordes to watch. Out of all the Roman inventions the Gladiator match is what most…show more content…
During the early ages of the empire small towns started springing up all around Italy, then they started invading other countries and adding them to their expanding empire. Sometimes they would vanquish other countries that wouldn’t agree to be part of the empire willingly. *In reality Rome’s Empire was composed of many different countries. Romans valued their Military above all else, *which led to making the world’s first superpower (MacMullen). At its height in 117 CE the Roman Empire had become so vast, controlling close to 1.7 million square miles, it had to be split into 2 different empires (Mark). Dividing into two different Empires was ultimately the downfall of the Roman Empire. While the background of Rome plays an important role in how it became so great, religion is another factor that aided Rome. Religion is something that can create a camaraderie within a country or it can be the spark to light a feud within a country. During the early ages Roman religion was animistic and they believed that the spirits of their ancestors watched over them (Wasson). *For example the patron of Rome is the she-wolf who as legend tells, nursed the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus. In addition the Roman army worshipped the eagle so much it became the standard of the Roman army. *Once the Roman Empire started taking over more countries they adopted a

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