A Treasure : A Good Teacher Is Always A Treasure

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A Good Teacher Is Always a Treasure

There is no doubt that a good teacher is always a treasure. Many economically disadvantaged(VOC) students in America grow up in a poor community, and they all fall under “the have-nots”. These students tend not to get a good education and not to be lucky in having a very good teacher. In school, it is difficult for teachers to encourage students by making them feel confident and eager to learn because there are many students from different backgrounds, but teachers can use particular techniques that give students more motivation than other teachers who don’t use particular techniques. Meanwhile, teachers are a necessary part of a student’s life and can change students in efficient ways. In my opinion, excellent teachers inspire students to learn when they create a positive environment and support their students.
One teaching technique that inspires students to learn(AC) is when teachers create a positive environment. If teachers give students an inspiring room or use positive encouragement, they will inspire them to gain knowledge and achieve their goals. Slowly, over a long period of time, the students will be engaged in learning and have a positive attitude. For example, in the article “From Cacophony to Harmony” by Julian Guthrie, he writes about Jack Martens, a music teacher at Ben Franklin Middle School in San Francisco who feels that it is extremely important to pay particular attention to creating a positive environment to make

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