A Trip Through the Civil Rights Movement

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From not only being a part of history starting off as slaves, but to the point of making history for standing up for what they believed was right and having equality. Now no one said it was going to be a easy process, but at the end of the tunnel there was a light. Let's sit back and close your eyes as we take a trip back in time during the Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights Movement began on December 1,1955. It started in Montgomery, Alabama and later on spread to the rest of the southern states. The main ethnic group that was affected by this movement were the African Americans. African Americans were treated unequal compared to white people, there was segregation happening at this point of time. African Americans were not able to use the same restrooms, water fountains, and even not allowed to go to the same school as white people. They even was not allowed to sit in the front of the bus because it was reserved for white people only. God forbid if there was no more seats and a white person wanted to sit down, a black person would have to give up their seat to accommodate a white person. That was just the norm during this time period. But, that all changed when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man and was taken to jail. This would be the start to a powerful movement. Right after Rosa Parks arrest, followed the Montgomery Bus boycott. During the bus boycott, African Americans refused to…
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