A Valediction Forbidding Mourning Figurative Language

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Poetry and sonnet have been around for many years; to express many themes and ideas which can be interpreted in many ways. Many famous sonnets were written during the reign of the Elizabethan period, during this time sonnet became the most popular literary form for poets. Furthermore, one of the most notable know poets were William Shakespeare's, who was known for his many sonnets. Additionally, a poet by the name of John Donne, also became a famous poet, many years after the death of Shakespeare. He was most notably known for his literary diction in his poems. In addition, the literary work of the “Sonnet 116” written by Shakespeare and the “A valediction forbidding mourning” written by Donne are similar and different in their theme, figurative language and their style of writing.…show more content…
For example, in the poem, “A valediction forbidding mourning” John Donne addresses his wife to express his love and desire for her by comforting her, when he is not there with her. Additionally, this is demonstrated in the poem when it states, “But we, by a love so much refined … /Care less eyes, lips and hands to miss” (17-20). This quote demonstrates his love for her and that he shall always be there, even when he can’t see her. The theme of love is also represented in the “Sonnet 116”. when Shakespeare expresses and acknowledges the meaning of love and what it can be related to. For instance, an example of this is shown when Shakespeare states, “Love is not love /which alters when it alteration finds, /Or bends with the remover to remove” (2-4). The information above shows, that love is used to express a forever unchanged subject, regardless of the
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