A Very Brief Biography of Alexander the Great

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Alexander the great’s death was the cause of the fall of the Macedonian empire. Four of the reasons that prove this are, Alexander’s last words were “to the strongest”. He was an amazing leader. He knew about military since he was young. Alexander had a great father to look up to. Alexander the great was born in 356 B.C. His mother was Olympia’s, and his father was Philip, although Olympia said to Alexander that his real father was Zeus.
“When Alexander was 13, the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle became his tutor” 2 Alexander didn’t get to see much of his father. “He saw little of his father, who as both king and general, was constantly away on some military campaign.”6 When Alexander was 12, he impressed his father. “At age 12 showed his equestrian skill to his father and all who were watching when he tamed Bucephalus, unruly stallion horse, unable to be ridden and devouring flesh of all who had tried.”5 No one noticed that the horse was afraid of its own shadow. “When the horse was led onto the exercise field, Alexander turned it around, so it faced the sun and its shadow fell behind. Then he jumped onto its huge back and galloped across the field. King Philip was so proud of his son he burst into tears.”(9) 1 Alexander the Great died at the age of 32 in 323 B.C. “shortly before beginning of the planning Arabian campaign, he contracted a high fever after attending a private party at his friends Medius at Larisa. As soon as he drank from the cup he ‘shrieked aloud as

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