Alexander The Great : Alexander The Great

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Alexander the Great was born from King Philip II of Macedonia and Olympias, princess of Epirus in 365 BCE. At a young age Alexander was taught by Aristotle. He taught Alexander politics, sports, warfare, as well as academic subjects. When King Philip was assassinated in 336 BCE, Alexander inherited his father’s army and empire. Using his outstanding knowledge, and his father’s great army, Alexander was able to conquer a great amount of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Alexander was substantially great considering he protected his empire, motivated his troops, and impacted cultural spread(ww). Alexander was great because he protected his empire. In 334 BCE Alexander had his first battle at Granicus River. 11 years later Alexander and his army fought in 5 major battles and found about 11 towns (Document A). While on his conquest for 11 years no one from any other country was able to take his empire away from him. Armies from other countries attempted to fight for a piece of land, but failed miserably. Alexander fought through 5 major battles in three different continents and still won. Since Alexander and his troops marched through the continents the basic necessities such as food and water was hard to find. Alexander’s troops couldn’t carry tons of weight. Finding water and food in a new land is very dangerous and exposes the fleet to attacks. Alexander’s troop also can't carry heavy duty tents so shelter would be very limited, this could be very terrible because the horrendous
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