A Very Brief Look at Worl War II

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World War II started on September 1, 1939, when Germany invaded Poland. France and Great Britain declared war on Germany September 3rd. After France and Great Britain declared war on Germany they mobilized their armies and stationed their troops. Waiting for Germany to attack, but they never did. This eventually became known as the Phony War. By the end of May in 1940 the Germans had trapped all of the allied forces around a northern French city. Allies went to the beaches at Dunkirk because they were outnumbered, and outgunned. Great Britain set out to rescue the army, by sending about 850 ships across the English channel to Dunkirk. They sent many other things in the rescue effort. After Dunkirk resistance in France started to collapse, and by June 14, the Germans took Paris. French leaders surrendered on June 22, 1940. During the summer of 1940 Germany’s air force started bombing Great Britain. The Germans started by attacking British airfields and aircraft factories. On September 7, 1940 the Germans started focusing more on the cities so that they could break British morale. The Battle of Britain stopped on May 10, 1941 because Hitler decided to call off his attacks and focus on the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe. The allies learned from the Battle of Britain that Hitler’s attacks could be avoided. Italy was neutral at the beginning of the war, and Hitler’s partner Mussolini, knew he had to take action and after Germany declared war on France and

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