A Very Brief Look at the Crusades

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As the Pope declared a first crusade against the Muslims, he used forgiveness from sins as a false incentive to get knights to join in his fight. In his letter of instruction, Urban says that "a barbaric fury has deplorably afflicted an laid waste the churches of God in the regions of the Orient," referring to the turkish muslims that had destroyed many of the churches in asian minor (Krey 42-43). The Turks would invade the churches and "desecrate and overthrow the alters," (Munro 5-8). The Seljuk Turks invaded the lands of the christians, torturing and killing the Christians in ways that were despicable. For example, they would cut the abdomen and tie the entrails to a stake, then make them walk until all organs were out of the body (Munro 5-8). These Muslims took a tract of land from the Greek Empire that would have taken two months to walk across (Munro 5-8). Pope Urban II questioned everyone, asking "Whose duty is to avenge this and recover that land, if not yours?" in his speech at Clermont, declaring a jihad, or holy war against the Muslim Turks (Munro 5-8). As Urban finished his speech to the Council at Clermont, all who were in attendance shouted "Deus lo volt!"…

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