A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings Essay

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Gabriel Marquez Garcia’s short story, “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings,” is a children’s story about a fallen angel and the tribulations and humiliations he endures to finally be able to repair his wings and fly back to the divine. It was published in 1955, and it is categorized in the “magical realism” for it takes place in a real world where magic is possible. For me the author made the angel to represent Jesus Christ, because it shows a humble man, devoid of power, naked luxuries that came to save that beach of the Caribbean and that family of Pelayo of the bad spell they were going through and to put them in check as to how ignorant they are. Other elements that make me think that, are the ironic recasting of the miracles performed …show more content…

Says the author, “The world was sad since Tuesday.” (Marquez) The physical description of both Pelayo and Elisenda is almost null in the story we can assume that they are simple people, who lack certain knowledge, that they are good-hearted young parents since both of them sympathize with the old man first by putting him on a raft with provisions and second when they lodge it in the henhouse. However, they have something in common and that something is that material opportunism to take advantage of the situation economically. They become millionaires charging people to see the angel and so Marquez shows how capitalist society is capable and perverse to transform an illusion into merchandise and have a personal benefit. Unfortunately opportunism seems to be part of human nature. Throughout the universal history how many of the characters have been disloyal to their values to be guided by material opportunism and gain power, money and feel like the owners of the world. It must be said that opportunism occurs a lot in politics and in the Catholic Church because it has become the industry of God that totally distances us. I am interested in clarifying that taking advantage of things is a bad thing. The criticism is that if I am to benefit and I am going to benefit myself, I should also benefit others. Pelayo and Elisenda take much advantage of the old man, build a mansion, the repressed feminine consumerism of Elisenda comes to light and yet they

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