Lessons Learned from A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings Essay

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Lessons Learned from A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

"A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings" is a short fiction story written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez in 1955. Magical realism plays a major part in this story by the use of fantasy of an old man being portrayed as an angel who has come to create miracles to a family along with many other believers. Some will believe, others will just shoo this so called "angel" away in a painful and heart-breaking way.

I enjoyed this story very much. I was able to get very interested. Marquez starts it out with "On the third day of rain." That line right there is magical because angels are of God, and on the third day God's son rose from the grave. It was the third day that Pelayo came upon …show more content…

Just like in this story, many people were throwing leftover foods to him, coming to him just for a miracle, then having nothing more to do with him. They had only used him and did not see him for who he really was. What would seem to be humiliating to me and was to the angel, I assume, was that a priest, Father Gonzaga, sent away to Rome for a judgment on what they should do.

A human with wings was foreign to these people. Some did not believe because an angel is appeared to be beautiful. This old man was just your average "Joe" with wings to many people. However, some had paid money to see this supernatural creature. What was magical at this point was when Marquez talks about the woman who disobeyed her parents and was changed into a spider. How magical can this be? A woman, who is a spider the size of a ram! The angel and this woman were the main attractions of the town. The realistic element here is obvious. For instance, in the town of Ironton, when someone goes to use the bathroom everyone knows about it. Similarly, it did not take long for this town to hear the news. Anyway, the woman spider ended up getting more attention because her story was of the truth to the town and the angel was only of mocking fun. Anyhow, people had paid so much money that Pelayo and his family became rich. They built a mansion. Their child played with the angel. The angel and their son both came down with the chicken pox at the same time. An angel

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