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A View from the Bridge. 'Justice is very important here' is spoken by Alfieri in his opening speech. Alfieri is a lawyer representing the official legal system of America. He also acts as a narrator, commentator who is almost like a bystander watching the events but remains powerless to have any impact on them. This is very similar to the chorus, featured in tragedies from ancient Greek playwright, who are a group of on lookers watching and commenting on events but are unable to act upon any of the incidents. Alfieri describes his neighbourhood of Red Hook as a 'slum' area of Brooklyn inhabited by Italians, who bring to America their own sense of justice which they find outside the law. This is because the law can not dispense…show more content…
Many characters in the play find themselves in a situation where they feel life is not fair and the official legal system can not help them. Within this essay I will analyse and discuss the ways in which justice is established. Eddie Carbone is the main character and protagonist although to give him the 'hero' title is questionable. He has had the most encounters with justice whether it be gaining it or seeking it. Eddie was once a much respected man in the neighbourhood, but he is very ignorant. His authority is obvious as he lays down the rules and they are followed by Catherine and Beatrice, if they ever wanted to go astray from these rules they would have to see to him first. Eddie's obsession toward Catherine is reason for the large scale climax. He is very over protective and would not let Catherine have any contact with any men, even his own friends. It is very early on in the play when Catherine gets annoyed at this and tells Eddie she wishes 'there was one guy [he] couldn't tell [her] things about!' this showed that he would portray most other men as inappropriate in the hope that she will see him as perfect and feel the way he does for her. Once Marco and Rodolfo arrive Eddie becomes uneasy, Catherine is amazed by Rodolfo's appearance as he is so light compared to Marco, Eddie interrupts the conversation on this as he does not like where it is going. As the play goes on Catherine

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