A Vindication Of The Rights Of Men By Mary Wollstonecraft

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Many would say that the process of living a virtuous life is determined by many different variables such as religion, race, and gender. However, Mary Wollstonecraft shows in “A Vindication of the Rights of Men” that true virtue is defined by moral excellence of a person. In “A Vindication of the Rights of Men” by Wollstonecraft, the path to virtue is through equality. The effects of virtue are illustrated through the characteristics of morality, individualism, and humility. Mary Wollstonecraft emphasizes morality throughout the letter to Edmund Burke. Wollstonecraft quotes that “customs were established by the lawless power of an ambitious individual” (Mary Wollstonecraft 212). This means that even though someone of greater power entrenches laws into a society does not determine the justification of the law itself. Although laws are created to establish sense of order, not all laws are made proper. Wollstonecraft expresses herself to Burke in a moral manner, but Wollstonecraft also attacks Burke 's political theories in a cruel manner. Wollstonecraft continues on by saying “a weak prince was obliged to comply with every demand of the licentious barbarous insurgents, who disputed his authority with irrefragable arguments at the point of their swords” (Wollstonecraft 212). This refers to the current society Wollstonecraft lives in. Wollstonecraft states that the society she lives in corrupt and rotten. The society itself is forced to follow unspoken rules by “the point of
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