A Visit From The Goon Squad By Jennifer Egan

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On The Flip Side Rarely does a person come across a book with alternating points of view, an endless stream of characters, and powerpoint slides. Yet, all of those different structures intertwine within the novel, A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan. Without its structure the novel would be unremarkable. The ever-switching points of view and types of prose carry the different perspectives of the main characters, and the division of the book into two sections symbolizes the flip sides of their lives. Ultimately, the structure unravels as its own character, which illustrates the main theme of the novel, that time is a goon tied to music. The switching points of view help form the world and breadth of the novel. Every chapter guarantees a new point of view and a new central character as parts of the methods of Egan’s madness. The opening chapter “…began the usual way…” (Egan, 1), with the character Sasha in third-person point of view like a typical novel. It exposes Sasha’s vulnerability and weakness, defined by her kleptomania, in an encounter with the character of Alex: “…the mix of feelings she’d had, standing there with Alex: the pride she took in these objects, a tenderness that was only heightened by the shame of their acquisition. She’d risked everything, and here was the result: the raw, warped core of her life” (15). Then, the novel closes with an older, reflective Alex and a glimpse into Sasha’s newfound strength and happiness. The end of the novel “…was

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