A War Does Not Require Weapons

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Acosta, Alejandro Rachel History 4C 7/July 2015 A War does not Require Weapons In between the timeline of World War One and World War Two, political leaders, states, and nations were fighting against each other with and without the usage of weapons. The ideology of great philosophers, and raising leaders, such as: Herbert Spencer, Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin, Great Britain, and Russia brought civil wars and battles during the small timeframe between world wars. Before we go into depth on the one 30-year war, we begin with the settings of this one-30 year war. In the beginning of the 19th century, European powerhouses, France and Russia, obtained the same equal power. At the same period, Germany’s industry began to grow tremendously which brought rival, Britain. Germany’s economics in industrial were growing due to the exports of heavy materials, and beneficially to politicians running the state. The economic growth of Germany lead them to create the Triple Alliance in 1882. The reason for this secret agreement between Germany, Austria-Hungry, and Italy was because Germany felt that its economic growth would lead to war with their rivals. In response to the Triple Alliance 1882, the Triple Entente of 1894 was created by France, Russia, and Great Britain. Nevertheless, Germany was thinking in advanced, and planed the Schlieffen. A plan that Germany created, if war would to break out, to attack France and then Great Britain excluding Russia. On June 28th 1914, the Archduke

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