The 1848 Revolution, The Second Reich, And The First War

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Brooke Spinell 14211199 German 2320 Lesson 1 Lesson 1: The 1848 Revolution, the Second Reich, and the First War Many historians believe that due to the Wilhelmine Era and the expansion of the German nation, led to the outbreak of World War One. During the Bismarck era, Bismarck 's main goal was to keep France isolated and stay in good relations with Austria and Russia so that it would prevent a war. Although Bismarck 's foreign policy was creating cooperation, it did not last very long. The spark of World War one came from the Wilhelmine era, which turned away from everything Bismarck’s foreign policy represented. The expansion of the military scared Europe, the industrialization of the railroad was a suspicion to other countries, and the expansion of domestic supporters led to the alliance of the France, Britain, and Russia known as the Triple Entente. The German Second Reich caused a major turning point in Germany and was a big factor in why World War One started. Wilhelm the first wanted to extend Prussia’s army but the Parliament wouldn’t allow it, so Wilhelm went the the upper class Prussian people, whom had the same view as he did, to help him. Wilhelm then appointed Bismarck to work with him and help create a huge army. After the seven weeks war, Germany became much more powerful. This rise of power in Germany was a big threat to France. France opposed to the unification of Germany and a lot of Europe did as well. After 1971, The
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