A World Primed For The Lie

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A World Primed for the LIE

Donald Trump is 70 years old. If he spends two terms in office before he enters the world stage, that will make him nearing 80 years of age by the time he becomes the world leader. Whether the rapture happens on his first day in office or after two terms of his presidency, Trump may be a bit too aged to fulfill such an arduous role as described in the Bible. This too was an obstacle for me, preventing me from connecting the dots; that is until I thought about it a bit more deeply.

As mentioned previously, the meaning of Antichrist is twofold: 1.) to be against Christ 2.) to be in place of Christ. Specifically, everything that is genuine about the Antichrist is fully against Christ, and much of what appears like Christ will be an illusion with a goal of supplanting Christ. He will delude the world into thinking that he is the Messiah. His imitations of Christ will be as inauthentic as Trump’s “Made in China” luxury ties. All that glitters is NOT gold.
Yet imitations can be very deceiving. In this modern world, imitation works of art are being produced that even fool the experts. Computer technology can artificially age an item just as easily as Botox can artificially un-age a person. What will happen in the tribulation when the ultimate deceiver, Satan himself, enters the man whose quest for world power is built on deception? Much indeed; delusion hitherto thought impossible. Up will be down. Left will be right, and right will be wrong. Life will…

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