A World Riddled By Social Expectations And Beauty Ideals

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Introduction: Biology and culture are intertwined forces that affect all populations from a global perspective. This fact brings up an interesting question regarding the origins of pathology. While there are a miscellany of somatic illnesses explained by biological means, mental illnesses seem to have more of an environmental aspect to their origins, but there is controversy surrounding this detail. Even when knowing the biological etiology of mental disorders, the culture and environment is still important in regards to the presentation as well as the commonality of these illnesses. In a world riddled by social expectations and beauty ideals, anorexia nervosa (AN) is a prime example of how culture must be examined in conjunction with the prior biological knowledge. Several factors of this single disorder can appreciably vary among different cultures which has implications on the etiology with respect to environmental factors. While AN can be simplified to its biochemical mechanisms, one should take into account the culture and physical environment to attain a holistic understanding of the disorder and treatment suggestions. Biological Stance: Biochemically, AN is a well-understood disorder which has optimistic implications for a universal treatment. There are studies to show that the serotonin pathway is highly involved in the pathogenesis of anorexia nervosa. Serotonin receptors and transporters play a large role in mood and behavior in terms of motivation to eat by…
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