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A World with Lao Tzu’s Views Some of the most debated topics in America are based on politics. Everyone from homemakers to astronauts have their personal opinions of how the country should be governed. With so many political opinions and so little facts being used in decision making in our government, most of the pressing issues seem to be increasingly growing. There is very little consensus in our country today, hence bipartisanship being a hot topic among politicians. In my opinion, politicians act off of ego fighting to protect the political party with which they are associated. Often the common good of America is an afterthought when addressing issues in the country. People allow many factors to get in the way of everyday living…show more content…
A big debate in America today is gun control. The recent suggestion to limit or eliminate automatic weapons has caused many different reactions. As case in point, many people have begun stockpiling these weapons in fear of a total weapons ban. Surely stockpiling was not the result intended for “gun control.” In accord with Lao Tzu that “If you don’t trust the people you make them untrustworthy” (25), the government should emphasize less prohibitions and have more trust in its citizens. Lao Tzu writes “The more weapons you have, the less secure people will be.” (29) and this is true in many ways in America. Regarding weapons, should we have more or should we place strict limits on them? Well, if we studied Lao Tzu’s writings such a debate would not exist. While many people are fighting for their second amendment rights, many would argue that when a gun falls into the wrong person’s hands this could lead to devastation. One of the first suggestions after the Sandy hook shootings was to arm the teachers in schools; this alone can lead to the same devastation as a weapon falling into the wrong hands. Who is to say that a teacher will not have a bad day and decide to take her life and all of his/her students? In fact, who is to determine that the teachers within these schools are mentally sound? I know that many will not find comfort in knowing that they are dropping their children off to a heavily armed institution. Guns do not bring comfort

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